Tiger dream
This playful yet haunting 60-second animation employs a variety of styles (Flash animation, clay animation, and video) to recount the fantastical images of a girlhood dream. Inspiration for this animation came from a childĄ¯s vivid description of a mysterious tiger from a dream. In a peaceful night, a full moon rises in the clear sky and fireflies circle the moon. Within moments, a path from the moon to the earth opens and a majestic, sacred tiger descends. The graceful animal slides from one color to another and rapidly changes shape. After the tigerĄ¯s magical transformation it becomes friendly and seems to smile and resembles a cat who might be about to curl up in your lap. For a short interval, the tiger plays in the bushes and explores the mountains. With the dawn, the tiger disappears and the morning it leaves behind is a peaceful one. The mountain is filled with blossoms and butterflies floating above them. Peace and beauty are gifts from the tiger.