This mixed media fine art animation is a part of Bear Woman animation series. It is focused on presenting bear's transformation from a woman. The beautiful harmony of woman bodies, anthropomorphized animals, and animal transformation will lead us to the story of the Bear Woman. Bear Woman series tell us the reinterpreted and feminized story of the Korea’s founding mythology about Dangun. Dangun’s mother, Bear Woman, is a patient woman who endured a harsh test to transform to a woman from a bear. Based on the myth, the bear won the god’s test because of her patience, and the tiger was described as a loser due to her lack of patience. This message, the superiority of patience in the story, is a basis of the Korean social wisdom for women. Society has required women to sacrifice their desires and hopes for families. Women, who act like the tiger, easily express their emotions, and run outside, are considered to be bad women. The animation fills with artistic expressions but the intent is to raise questions and give people an opportunity to think about the women’s social roles.
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