Best Nanny

Try to be a really good nanny. You will get daily incomes and gifts from parents to make babysitting easier next day. Eventually, you will learn what to do for a baby.
To demo this project, just follow these steps:
1.    Choose baby’s age : crawler or toddler – different tasks
2.    Baby’s needs and happy levels are changed based on time. If you do nothing, happy level goes down, you will lose the game, and you cannot go to next day.
3.    Help note will help you to know what to do.
a.    Hungry : go to Kitchen - click highchair - open refrigerator - click milk - click "Stop feeding"
b.    want to Play : go to Playground - click swing or slide - click "Stop swinging"
c.    Dirty diaper : go to Bathroom - click trash can - click bathtub - click "Stop washing"
d.    Sleepy : go to Babyroom - click bed - click "Wake baby up"
4.    If you do wrong tasks, baby’s happy level goes down.
5.    If you do in a right way, baby’s happy level goes up.
6.    Based on happy level changes, there are three outcomes: success (“Good nanny”, higher incomes 70$, can go to next day), fail (“Do better job”, lower income 50$, same day), fail (“ You are fired” , income 0$, same day).
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