Spring 2010
Title: Arcana - An Interactive Tarot Narrative

7 Videos Director: Chanju Lee
Interface Design: Ethiopia Hewitt
Actor and Theory: Cinque Hicks
Actress and Story : Amy Cheng
The Fool
 A person with a large backpack is slowly walking through a landscape that changes (but the backpacker stays the same). He or she reaches their destination and enters the building, but a few seconds leaves it. The actor sighs and continues walking.
The Hanged Man
A person is hanging off a rock (we can probably film this at the rock climbing wall at the gym) for what seems like forever and then finally falls but we cannot see if they are safe.
 The High Priestess
 A woman in a veil is walking through a church (or a place that looks like a chruch, an audiotrium maybe), she begins to read what seems like a bible to an empty room.
 The Empress
 We see a mother taking care of a child, while working in a cubicle in an office.
[mother archetype]
 The Hierophant
 A man is directing a crowd but nobody is listening to him. They shake their heads and leave him.
 [authority figure, positive conformity and bureaucracy]
 The Emperor
We see a man at a chalkboard writing equations but the equations are shifting by themselves and the man seems unfazed by this. (could be a computer instead, with typed equations or words changing by themselves when the man leaves the computer)
The Hermit
 A person is in a secluded place flipping through books. Next to him or her is a pile of books that keeps growing, then decreases, then grows again (basically the height of the pile of books goes up and down as if my mysterious and invisible force adds and removes books to the pile).
- story from Amy Cheng

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